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Plumbers Ventura Ca

When deciding between plumbers in Ventura, CA, you should get to know our company and the services that we provide. Kenz Plumbing is the leader amongst water piping companies, providing all types of services for your pipe-related problems, even down to sewer replacement.

What is the most common pipe material?

The most used piping material in residential homes is, by far, PVC pipes. These pipes are more affordable and more versatile than other piping options. What makes this material such a good option is that, unlike steel, PVC is unable to rust. Also, PVC pipes are usually easy to install, without the need for using specialized tools and procedures. And if you think PVC pipes are not robust enough, you are wrong, as this type of piping is quite strong and durable and won’t bend under pressure.

However, all those qualities come with a downside: PVC pipes usually can't withstand the flow of hot water. Nonetheless, PVC pipes are still perfect for other house uses, like for your sink, toilet, and bathtub drains or high-pressure applications.

Use the best piping material

When it comes to installing or repairing the pipes in your home, our expert plumber will suggest the best material to use for your piping system. If you need to replace all the pipes in your property, we can do it within three days, thanks to having the best plumbers in Ventura, CA.

In addition to being fast, what makes our company stand out is that we are always thinking of your wellbeing. Our goal is to turn the water back on as soon as we can, which usually happens on the very first day, while protecting your home and your furnishing from all the dust that may arise with plastic sheeting.

Is poly pipe safe for drinking water?

Although pipes made from plastic, such as PEX (cross-linked polyethylene), releases substances that can give drinking water a bad taste and odor, there are no health risks associated with it. Furthermore, the substances that are causing such bad taste and odor will decrease with every usage but can remain over a long period.

That is why we recommend you to contact us in case of having any doubts. We can assist you personally or over the phone, and we will explain all the downsides and advantages of every type of pipes.

Dealing with pipe problems

Dealing with problems related to the piping system can cause a lot of headaches, but you don’t need to worry, because we will take care of everything for you. Our company is quick to respond, and our plumbers will deliver professional and exceptional work.

Kenz Plumbing has five-star customer ratings to prove our actual expertise and professionalism. Not only can we guarantee you that we will send the best plumbers in Ventura, CA, to your residence, but we can guarantee impeccable and fast results, no matter the problem at hand. Don't hesitate, contact your team, and watch us work the magic!

Plumbers Ventura Ca

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