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Certified Mold Inspector

Mold is highly toxic and can cause respiratory issues. A mold infestation can leave your home uncomfortable to live. When this occurs, calling a certified mold inspector is the right thing to do. At All Pro Restoration, we specialize in mold inspection and restoration. Our trusted experts have the needed tools and experience to eliminate mold and restore peace in your home.

What’s more, we provide well-detailed and highly professional services. We are the certified mold inspector that has what it takes to get rid of these highly toxic molds completely. We serve homes in Miami and the entire Florida area.

Is A Mold Inspector Necessary?

Mold is a microscopic fungal organism and every home has a potential for it. They travel through every part of the house, accumulate, causing respiratory problems, and other health complications.

As a homeowner or before buying a house, you could use the help of a mold inspector. Certified mold inspectors are necessary because:

Maintain Hygiene: Mold accumulation in a home poses a threat to health. Mold exposure leads to health complications such as headache, cough, respiratory tract infections, and more. A mold inspector will help you clear out the molds, prevent mold problems, and maintain clean and fresh air around the house.

Minimize Structural Damage: Damp areas around a house offer a breeding ground to molds. These damp spots are usually obscured from view, for example, the plumb lines, behind wallpapers, etc. This gives the mold enough time to propagate, therefore causing structural damage. It may cost a lot of money to restate the looks and function of the damaged structures. A mold inspector supervises the house to detect and clean away the molds saving you the aesthetics of your home and costs of fixing damaged structures.

Improve Air Quality: Mold growth leaves a house with an offensive smell in the air. They have a musty or mildewey smell. This can make breathing difficult. A mold inspector carries out an inspection in your house for signs of mold growth. If detected they are cleared leaving you with improved air quality.

Identify Hidden Cause of Mold Growth: When there is mold infestation in a house, the cause of the growth may not be identified. Even after clearing them out on your own they keep on coming back. A professional mold inspector is in the position to help you inspect the house and identify the hidden issue.

Should I Get A Mold Inspection When Buying A House?

It is important to hire a mold inspector to help you carry out a mold test to a house before purchase; especially when you detect mold around the house. Hire from companies/ contractors that are well established and licensed.

Need A Certified Mold Inspector? Contact Us Today!

Not all molds are visible to the naked eye. At All Pro Restoration, we use our state-of-the-art infrared equipment to inspect your home and detect the presence of mold. Our qualified experts will help eliminate these molds using tested and trusted techniques. Once you notify us about the problem, we will get to work immediately. Be assured that your mold infestation issue will be a thing of the past. We guarantee you excellent services.

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