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Cleaning And Sanitizing

All Pro Restoration Services is the only experienced damage restoration company to offer 24 Hr emergency response. We also specialize in offering cleaning and sanitizing services for residential and commercial properties.

Top reasons to choose us for cleaning and sanitizing services

We are one of the top cleaning Services Company in the country with a highly skilled and certified team of technicians. We offer 24-hour emergency response services and ensure minimal damages for your property and personal belongings with quick and prompt service.

We possess an IICRC and a NORMI certification, which makes us one of the most reliable, trained, and professional cleaning services provider. With cleaning services, we use our house-made eco-friendly cleaning products to clean and sanitize your environment from microbial, bacterial, and viral contaminations. We also offer our services at affordable prices, which makes us the #1 choice for cleaning services.

Our cleaning process

Our 4 step cleaning process helps remove any dirt, waste, grease, stain, and destroys all microorganisms in your home, office, or commercial space. We begin our process by preparing your environment for the cleaning process. We then remove loose dirt and debris by rinsing your hard surfaces with warm and potable water. We then proceed to clean the space with hot water and detergent, after which we rinse for a second time with clean potable water.

After a comprehensive cleaning, we begin sanitizing your space with eco-friendly disinfectants, which helps kills the microbial growths. We follow certain contact time protocols after the application of disinfectants for the best outcome. We finish our process with air-drying all the hard surfaces in your environment and use top of the line equipment to get the job done.

When should I consider sanitizing services?

If your house suffers from weather damage, water damage, fire damage, hurricane, etc., you may need to clean and sanitize your home, before you can move in safely with your family and pets. Cleaning services also help you prepare your home for a sale or when you shift from one house to another.

Besides, if you run an enterprise or place of business, you must clean and sanitize your surroundings with the help of skilled professionals for the safety of your employees and clients/customers. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, it has become all the more important to sanitize your space more frequently. This is true especially if you're running a business with high foot traffic. By cleaning and disinfecting your business space, you and your staff are at a lower risk of contracting the disease. 

If you have a member of the family in isolation at home due to the coronavirus, calling for professional sanitizing services can help ensure that the hard surfaces around you are 100% free from the SARS-CoV-2. Call 305-469-6441 or visit https://allprorestorationllc.com/contact to schedule a cleaning and sanitizing service for your commercial property or place of business from the highly contagious coronavirus. With several years of experience, All Pro Restoration Services is the community's 'go-to' cleaning services company, and we offer our services at affordable prices.

Cleaning And Sanitizing
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