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Coronavirus Cleaning Company

All Pro Restoration Services is a top coronavirus cleaning company with certifications from IICRC and NORMI. We offer exemplary cleaning and disinfecting services to help you keep your home, office, and commercial spaces free from the COVID 19 VIRUS.

Who should call for services from a coronavirus cleaning company?

Schools, daycare centers, offices, stores, places of business, places of worship, and other closed or confined spaces with heavy foot-traffic should call for professional cleaning services to disinfect their surfaces from the coronavirus. If you have an infected person in your house in isolation, you must call for a professional to clean and disinfect all areas in your house, except the infected person's room.

Also, if you live in neighborhoods with a higher number of infected cases, you should still take the necessary measures to disinfect your home and surroundings with professional cleaning services. We are a licensed cleaning company with a trained and experienced team of technicians and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Tips for cleaning hard and soft surfaces from coronavirus

One of the crucial ways to stay safe from the coronavirus is by constantly cleaning and disinfecting your home, office spaces, and other hard and soft surfaces around you. Here are some tips on how to clean your environment from the coronavirus:

  • Be sure to wear heavy-duty disposable gloves when cleaning and disinfecting hard and soft surfaces. Make sure to set aside gloves exclusively for cleaning potential COVID-19 infected surfaces.
  • Follow your manufacturer's instructions when it comes to using cleaning and disinfection products to treat coronavirus on hard surfaces
  • Be sure to use a diluted household bleach solution that contains at least 1000ppm sodium hypochlorite or an EPA-registered household disinfectant to destroy the virus effectively.

For soft and porous surfaces likes carpets, rugs, drapes, etc., use the warmest water setting in your washing machine to clean and disinfect them. Be sure to use EPA-approved cleaning products for cleaning your fabrics to destroy the COVID-19 virus.

Hiring a professional cleaning company for coronavirus

No matter how hard you try, there is a good chance that you may end up missing some spots while disinfecting your home, office, or your place of business. With professional cleaning, you can be 100% certain that your surrounding is free from the highly contagious COVID 19 virus.

Besides, most people do not find the time to clean their surrounding spic and span. Professional cleaning services can ensure 100% safety for you and your loved ones from contracting the virus, especially if you live or work in a neighborhood with a high load of COVID 19 cases. Also, you may not own the right equipment, cleaning products, or the PPE for the cleaning process. Cleaning without these essential supplies can put you at high risk of contracting the virus and may also prove ineffective in destroying the SARS-CoV-2 from your surfaces.

Call 305-469-6441 or visit https://allprorestorationllc.com/contact to schedule a professional cleaning appointment. All Pro Restoration Services is the #1 coronavirus cleaning company in Florida, and we offer weather damage mitigation, water damage mitigation, mold removal, fire damage mitigation, etc., at affordable prices.

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