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Florida Property Damage

Although Florida is a beautiful and peaceful state to live in, late summer is hurricane season, and that means storm time! While Florida is susceptible to violent thunderstorms all year long, hurricane season poses its own set of unique threats to Florida homeowners. Hurricanes bring violent winds, rain, hail, flying projectiles, and in some cases, large flying objects, such as trees, pieces of roofing, and other large items. Such items can be catastrophic to a home's roof, windows, doors, or siding, causing untold Florida property damage! That is why it is important to be prepared, and that is why having All-Pro Restoration Service's number saved in your phone in a sign of wisdom.

All-Pro Restoration Services provides fast, efficient, and safe restoration and cleanup services for Florida property damage of all sorts, not just hurricane and storm repair. We'll send an inspector to your home to assess the damage, guide you on the claim process, and we'll work with your insurance company to get your damage fixed ASAP!

Water Damage

Water damage can occur in any number of ways. For example, your home may be damaged by water due to faulty or broken plumbing, flooding, or water entry from a hole in the roof. It is critical that water damage gets cleaned up and repaired ASAP, and for excessive water logging, sopping up the water won't cut it!

When water damage is severe, whether it's limited to one area of the home or the whole home, there is a certain set of protocols that needs to be followed. Water damage can lead to rot, mold, and mildew; all of which can be very dangerous for your family. Contact All-Pro Restoration Services today if your home has been affected by water damage.

Fire Damage

Perhaps no other disaster can be as personally damaging as a home fire. Obviously, fire destroys everything it touches, usually beyond repair. But when the fire is contained, the damage can be minimized. Still, there is usually heavy smoke, soot, and water damage to be cleaned up and repaired. This also requires a specialized operating procedure and should only be done a licensed professional, such as All-Pro Restoration Services.

Further, the toxic fumes that linger long after a fire is out can be more than unpleasant; they can cause grave illness as well. That is why All-Pro Restoration Services provides comprehensive fire damage cleanup and repair that will make your home safe again.

Mold Removal and Remediation

Any time moisture or water is present within the home; there is an elevated risk for the presence of mold. All-Pro Restoration Services is proud to offer mold removal and remediation services. Removing mold is possible when there are noticeable areas of mold growth in the home. Mold remediation is a series of steps taken to reduce mold spores in the home, although the complete removal of mold spores is not possible because mold spores are everywhere - indoors and outdoors.

All-Pro Restoration Services is proud to offer comprehensive Florida property damage cleanup and restoration. Call us today for a free estimate.

Florida Property Damage
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