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All-Pro Restoration Services is a full-service inspection company serving Miami and South Florida. We provide professional home inspection in Miami, FL, working closely with insurance companies to get our clients' insurance claims processed and approved as quickly as possible. As a certified full-service restoration firm, you can count on All-Pro Restoration Services to provide for your needs at every step of the restoration process, from inspection to restoration.

Save Money When Your Hire All-Pro for Home Inspection in Miami, FL

Working with a full-scale restoration company that is IICRC certified will undoubtedly save you money -- lots of money! How so? First, we can take care of all of your needs and effectively bundle your services. Whereas, having to spend money on multiple contractors means that you will spend considerably more money. Given that All-Pro Restoration Services is an IICRC certified firm, you will save further money by getting the job done right the first time by an expert who uses best practices in all that we do and warranties all of our labor.

Choose a Home Inspector Who Knows What to Look for

There are many ways in which a structure can be damaged during a hurricane or thunderstorm. For example, high wind speeds, lightning, flying debris, heavy rain; these can all play there part in damaging a home or establishment. Further, the number of ways in which these elements can damage a home are countless. For example, the wind can rip a portion of your roof off, allowing rain and debris fall into your home causing additional damage. Lighting can cause fires, siding can be ripped off of the house and fly through the windows. You get the point!

Property damage can range from mild to severe, with most homes falling into the "moderately damaged" category. What the case; you can rest assured that our home inspectors have seen it all and dealt with it all.

What if I'm Not Sure What to Do?

A lot of homeowners will fail to take action and have their homes inspected after a storm, only to compromise the integrity of their homes, leading to bigger problems down the line. The fact is; it's the unrecognized storm damage that can cause the biggest problems for us in the long-run. If you are missing a section of your roof, as big of a problem as this would be, at least you know what needs to be fixed and what's involved. But the unrecognized damage can do the most harm.

Structural damage, leaks, and mold are just of few of the many unpleasant hidden damages that can result from a storm. Having a certified inspector assess your home after heavy storm activity (especially hurricanes) is a minor investment that could save you thousands in due time. The roof is most susceptible to damage during a storm, so start by checking it. If you notice any shingles missing or any other noticeable damage, you'll want to call an inspector right away.

Home Inspection Miami Fl
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