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Iicrc Certified Technicians

All-Pro Restoration Services exists to make our clients' lives easier every day. All-Pro is a full-service restoration company with fully trained IICRC certified technicians, which means that we clean and fix and all kinds of natural damage - wind, fire, water, and mold remediation - for commercial and residential properties. Everything from the demo process to cleaning the contents and restoring your home; All-Pro will get you back to pre-loss condition ASAP! Not all restoration companies can do this, so All-Pro Restoration Services has set ourselves apart over the years.

Why Our IICRC Certified Technicians are Outstanding

There is no way for a company to provide an inspection report if they don't know what the rules are, and the rules of restoration are always IICRC. And the truth is, no matter what you're lead to believe, no restoration firm on earth is an expert on every topic. No restoration firm, no matter how experienced they are, has encountered every single home or business damage problem that exists. What makes our technicians outstanding is that they have access to the IICRC system that they can use to perform a simple word search and find any kind of problem that they may not have encountered before.

To illustrate the point, let's say that our technicians encounter a green spot in a home that they've seen before; they're only used to seeing orange spots. All the technician needs to do - rather than to be perplexed and potentially get stuck over this new problem - is to go back to the website that he or she has privileged access to and research the topic by keyword. Voila! All the information they need right there.

IICRC Certified Technicians Have the Advantage

The IICRC provides our technicians with history, not just current standards. It comes with a convenient Notes section that allows our technicians to literally copy and paste the standard to their Notes. The IICRC system also helps us to avoid errors, such as when reporting because our technicians can quote directly from the standard to the report. It's extremely accurate, and it saves us time, which allows us to provide rapid service.

The IICRC is accessible from smartphones or any other kind of devices. This means we can answer questions from our clients, such as, "Why do we need to have this piece of equipment." All-Pro technicians can go back to the standard in real-time and explain why. Being an IICRC certified firm means that we have a set of globally accepted and recognized standards to base our actions on and justify why we do what we do.

IICRC is Mandatory

A restoration firm in this day and age would have to be crazy to not gain access to the IICRC system because it's hard to explain to a client why you're going to do something without having something to back it up or justify it. Our premium membership to the IICRC makes it easy to access vital information, make accurate and comprehensive reports, and research what we need to know on the job at a moment's notice!

Iicrc Certified Technicians
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