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Miami Mold Specialist

At All Pro Restoration Services, we specialize in all kind of property damage restoration due to water and moisture. Without even knowing, we are exposed to mold daily. Mold spores in small quantities are inoffensive, but when they reach on a damp spot in our homes, they can start to grow.

Can we get sick from mold?

If you have allergies, the mold in your homes can increase your health issues. Even if you are not allergic to mold, prolonged exposure can cause skin rashes or irritate the eyes. If this is the case, the Miami mold specialist will offer a solution and relief to your health problems.

A sore throat, a runny nose, coughing, or sneezing whenever we reach our place, they all may tell us that we are suffering from mold exposure.  For those with weakened immune systems, exposure to mold may lead to severe infections.

Ways to prevent mold spread

Considering that mold grows naturally in damp or wet spots in our homes, we should always keep an eye out for hidden leaks. A damp spot on the ceiling or wall may be an indication of a leaky pipe since your pipes are running behind those walls. A plumber can identify a weak spot or possible piping leaks and through fast intervention can prevent mold from accumulating.

Another source of moisture is our HVAC system. During regular operation, a central A/C with fan coil units deployed in the apartments or a regular air conditioner is continuously extracting room humidity which is then displaced to the drip tray. A clogged filter exposed to ambient moisture is also a breeding ground for the spores, so we must consider regular filters replacement.

Proper ventilation of kitchens and bathrooms, which are humid environments by definition, is critical in reducing the moisture level.

But once the mold is present to the level that affects our health, we need the professional services of a Miami mold specialist.

How can a mold specialist help?

It is very important to prevent mold spreading by doing the right things in the first place, which is why, when we face mold, we must take care of it immediately. A professional mold removal team will:

  • Assess your situation and identify moisture sources. This will help to locate all mold growth, not just the obvious ones.
  • Repair the water leakages and prepare a mold removal plan
  • Cleaning existing mold contamination and applying mold containment substances on the affected areas to prevent future mold and mildew occurrence
  • Run a second assessment of the house to ensure that mold is gone and affected items are clean

How can we be sure that the mold removal was successful?

First and foremost, the health issues faced in the past are no longer present. At All Pro Restoration Services, our Miami mold specialist provides you with a quality warranty, while also ensuring the best preventive maintenance guidelines. We will not leave your premises until making sure the place is clean and safe.

Miami Mold Specialist
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