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Mold Inspection West Palm Beach

At All Pro Restoration Services, we are helping our clients with temporary roof tarps, water extraction and drying, AC and plumbing remedies, and mold assessment and remediation. Using our expertise in the filed, we extended our services to mold inspection in West Palm Beach.

What is a mold inspection?

Honestly speaking if we can see mold around our house or we noticed damp areas on walls or ceiling, most probably we don’t require a mold inspector to test for the presence of mold. We should immediately start removing it following industry guidelines or asking for professional help.

But even if we didn’t spot any mold, we may have some hidden one in the basement or in the utility areas where the water pipes are running. The role of a mold inspection, in this case, is to determine the possible causes of mold growth in a home. A mold inspector will also asses if there is any mold, what kind it is, and whether it is toxic or not.

A regular mold inspection in West Palm Beach is, for the most part, a visual inspection of the building, including amenities. Our inspector will have a detailed discussion with the property owner about any areas where they spotted mold or were some water damage in the past. The visual inspection will continue with the roof to check for any leakage, with the basement, kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere a punched pipe may spray water on the walls.

Do I have mold in the house?

A reason of calling a mold inspector is that, even though you cannot see any signs of mold, there is a persistent mold smell that seems impervious to traditional methods or someone in the family is displaying some mold-related symptoms.

Another reason for doing a mold testing is to identify what kind of mold we have so that we can prepare for the next step of mold removal. Equally important in the assessment is to find where is mold growing and if there is mold in hidden areas which an experienced inspector can reveal.

There may be some instances where we know that we have some mold in the house, but we just want to measure the amount of spores in the air and to test the indoor air quality.

When selecting the inspector, we should keep in mind and ask for the credentials. At the end of the day, we need to be sure that a relevant qualification and experience back the report we receive.

How to hire a mold removal expert?

Come online, visit our website, and let us know the extent of your problems! At All Pro Restoration Services, we provide not only mold inspection in West Palm Beach, but we also specialize in mold removal. We will fix an appointment with our client to discuss our findings and to propose a solution that will match the requirements and the budget allotted for the project.

Mold Inspection West Palm Beach
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