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Many insurance policyholders make the mistake of not counter-checking what their policies actually cover. That leaves many homeowners unable to receive compensation when their property is damaged.

At All Pro Restoration Services, LLC, part of our services is assisting clients in making claims to their insurers. With the right cover, they’re able to get payments that cover expenses after seeking our services. So, if you’ve been searching for 'restoration services near me,' we got you covered.

Types of Water Damage Covered by a Home Insurance Policy

A home insurance policy requires the water damage to be internal and sudden with the stipulation that the water doesn't touch the ground outside. That means the damage has to be caused by perils covered by insurance such as accidental and sudden burning, tearing, heating, cracking, or automatic fire protection system.

You are covered by your policy when the following occur:

  • Water damage as a result of extinguishing a fire
  • Snow or rainstorm
  • vandalism
  • Leaky roof
  • Mold caused by covered water damage
  • Plumbing, which includes accidental overflow, burst pipes, faulty plumbing, or frozen plumbing

Homeowner's Insurance doesn't cover water damage when there is a lack of maintenance or negligence, resulting in water damage. Other situations where water damage isn't covered by insurance include:

  • Pipes that are poorly maintained eventually causing leaks
  • Sewer or water pipe backups
  • Ground seepage
  • Flooding

What Should You Do When Your House Gets Damaged by Water?

What you do immediately after your house has suffered water damage will determine how successful restoring it will be. It also affects whether your insurer will compensate you or not. Here’s what you should do in case your house gets damaged by water:

  • Turn Off All Water Supplies – If there is a main switch that can cut off the water supply in the house, turn it off. That will prevent further damage from burst pipes, overflows, and backups.
  • Contact Your Insurer – As soon as you’re aware of water damage in your house, notify your insurance agent. They’ll let you know whether they will send an adjuster before repairs commence.
  • Take Photos and Videos of all the Damaged Areas – Before any repairs begin, document the damage done by taking pictures and videos. That will help you get compensation from your insurer.

Can a Dehumidifier Help with Water Damage?

Dehumidifiers can help control water damage in certain situations. In wet weather, they can remove moisture from the air in enclosed rooms. For furniture that has been soaked by water, a dehumidifier can draw out the dampness. The dehumidifier can also help dry out carpets, floorboards, and get rid of water retained in drywalls and wooden structures in the house.

Most times, however, seeking professional restoration services may be the best thing to do to avoid more and costly damages to your house. At All Pro Restoration Services, LLC, we conduct a damage assessment to ensure water is effectively removed from your home during repair.

Restore Your Home

At All Pro Restoration Services, we have drying and dehumidification processes where we use moisture meters to ensure your furniture and other areas in the house are properly dried. As an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) accredited company, we are one of the best companies to go to for ‘restoration services near me' in Florida. Call us today on 305-469-6441 for a free estimate.

Restoration Services Near Me
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