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Shrink Wrap Roof Miami

Weather can turn from normal to severe without notice at any time in South Florida, especially during summer months! There are numerous reasons why a person may need to shrink wrap a roof in Miami, and shrink wrap can be used as a proactive or reactive solution to storm damage during hurricane season. Most often, since All-Pro Restoration Services is a restoration company, we provide shrink wrap for roofs in Miami when storm damage has occurred, and individuals need to protect their home or establishment from further damage until a permanent fix can be applied.

Should I Use Tarp or Shrink Wrap My Roof?

A roof can take several days to be repaired, and it needs to be protected from the elements during that window. People will often use tarpaulin to cover their roofs as a temporary solution when they experience some kind of roof damage. Yes, tarp is better than nothing, as your insurance policy will surely mandate that you take appropriate steps to mitigate further damage to your property during these situations.

Unfortunately, tarpaulin isn't a good solution - even temporarily. Sure, it's better than nothing, but is "better than nothing" really the standard we want to us? You should shrink wrap your roof instead, especially since it can be several days before the roof repair even begins. After all, you have to have an inspection, process your insurance claim, and then it's probably going to take two or three days to finish the roof repair once it gets started, depending on the amount of damage the roof has suffered and weather permitting. Smaller damage can usually be repaired in a single day.

Shrink Wrap Works Better

All-Pro Restoration Services uses the best shrink wrap materials on the market to achieve the best results for a shrink-wrapped roof in Miami. We'll apply a series of smaller wrapped sheets for a tighter, better adhesion that lasts. One of the advantages that a shrink-wrapped roof has over a tarpaulin-covered roof, is that the shrink wrap creates a tighter cover and doesn't flap around in heavy winds, which opens up the chance for water and other debris entering the home or building.

Can I Shrink Wrap My Own Home or Building?

There are a lot of things at home that you can do on your own, but shrink wrapping a roof probably isn't one of them! First, working on a roof is always a serious task and requires special training, safety protocols, and equipment. Unless you are an experienced roofer, you probably won't get the perfect seal that is needed to protect your property if you DIY.

When done correctly by a professional, you will notice that your shrink-wrapped roof looks a lot more aesthetically pleasing than endless meters of loosely flapping blue tarpaulin on top of your home or establishment. Having a clean and dignified look is particularly of concern to establishments and homeowners who care about the integrity of their properties.

Shrink Wrap Roof Miami
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