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Professional COVID-19 Virus Cleaning and Sanitizing Services Available 24/7

An infectious and quick-spreading virus is a serious infection. In addition to spreading through human contact, often the germs and bacteria found in these viruses can reside on objects and surfaces for up to two weeks. This is why it's important to ensure that we refrain from personal contact with infected persons as well as keeping our daily environments sanitized and safe. When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing your residential home or commercial property, All Pro Restoration Services is fully equipped and trained to assist.

Our professionals are well trained in infectious disease clean up and Biohazard Cleanup, and are on standby for all your cleaning and sanitizing needs in the Miami area. At All Pro Restoration Services, we employ the most advanced and sophisticated equipment to clean up your home or commercial property.

We always ensure that we comply with the CDC and EPA approved cleaning and sanitizing agents when cleaning your office equipment, storage areas, floors, keyboards, shelves, countertops, and other surfaces where different people come into contact with.

Furthermore, our experts are well equipped with safety equipment and trained to mitigate the risk of illness or contamination emanating from any biohazard materials. Most importantly, at All Pro Restoration Services, we adhere to strict guidelines for Coronavirus cleaning. We also employ strict compliance with all the cleanup guidelines for the demobilization of our trucks and equipment. This will be the case throughout all diseases or viruses.

What Happens During an All Pro Restoration Services Virus Cleaning & Sanitizing?

As we all know, COVID-19 usually spreads through physical contact with infected persons—It can also spread through respiratory droplets that are left on objects and surfaces. These droplets (from sneezing and coughing) that propagate the virus can continue to reside on an object or a surface for several days or weeks. If a person touches these objects or surfaces and then proceeds to touch their eyes, nose, mouth, or face without cleaning their hands, they're at a serious risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Our team is IICRC qualified, licensed and strictly abide by the most recent procedures when it comes to coronavirus cleaning in Miami.

At All Pro Restoration Services, we use the best modern industrial-strength disinfectants to decontaminate and disinfect walls, windows, carpets, doors, floors, along with other surfaces and objects. We properly and effectively mitigate infectious and hazardous biohazard waste, such as infected materials.

Our coronavirus decontamination specialists are always fully dressed in encapsulated protective equipment complete with full-face respirator masks.

Here is a list of facilities we clean and sanitize

  • Residential Homes
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
  • Daycares
  • Sports Facilities
  • Gas Stations
  • Car Dealerships
  • Bars
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Office Buildings
  • Medical Offices
Sports Facilities Cleaning and Sanitizing

Our Fogging and Disinfectant Services

All Pro Restoration Services' approach to coronavirus decontamination and sanitization includes cleaning and properly disposing off all infected materials in the form of biohazard waste. We also perform wipe down and air fogging with EPA and CDC-registered disinfectants to kill the Coronavirus.

We comply with all the guidelines relevant to the Coronavirus cleaning process for all waste storage areas, trucks, and equipment. Above all, we will also ensure to preserve the confidentiality of all our projects and clients.

We Prioritize Safety

At All Pro Restoration Services, safety comes first—we acknowledge the extreme importance of paying attention to safety, OSHA, and industry guidelines and standards while conducting Coronavirus cleaning. Our trained experts wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure that they are safe throughout the entire Coronavirus decontamination process. They additionally, contain the infected area, making sure that they take the appropriate measures to keep you safe as well.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

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