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Water Leak Detection Services in Miami

All Pro Restoration Services is the trusted water leak detection company in Miami. We will extract all the sitting water from your home, but water may have seeped into cracks or seams in the structure causing invisible damage. We have high quality equipment and special meters that can detect hidden moisture inside wall cavities. Our team will make sure to dry the area completely and fully remove moisture as quickly as possible and have your home back to its pre-loss condition.

We are the Original Water Leak Detection Specialists™ Miami, who continuously revolutionize the industry with our advanced technology and high level of service.

Signs you have a leak:

  • High Water Bill
  • Sound of Running Water When None is Being Used
  • Cracks Form in Walls or Floors
  • Wet Spongy Floors or Water Stains
  • Water Meter Continuously Ticks